• 31.03.2017  Heat Roadmap Europe Workshop a success: The most detailed break-down of Europe’s energy demand for heating and cooling presented

    On the occasion of the Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) workshop in Brussels on Tuesday 7th March, over 80 participants from all over Europe learned about the different types of heating and cooling demand and supply, the exact heating and cooling potential and where it is located. Representatives from academia, associations, the municipal sector, NGOs and the private sector gathered together for the afternoon to consider the how HRE4 results can support with solutions to decarbonise the heating sector on the local, national and European scale.


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Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies


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The model system FORECAST/eLOAD has been developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems- und Innovation Research, TEP Energy GmbH and IREES GmbH. It addresses various research questions related to the dynamics of energy demand.

FORECAST has been applied to a number of research projects analyzing different aspects of the future development of energy demand. This includes the impact of policy-measures, technology dynamics, prices and other socio-economic factors on energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions until 2030 or 2050.

ELOAD allows disaggregating the annual electricity demand of a country into hourly load curves and simulates the impact of demand side management options on the load curve. The model has typically been used in combination with FORECAST, but can also be applied separately.

We provide customized studies of future energy demand trends for countries and regions using the tried and tested models FORECAST and eLOAD based on calibrated databases. Our factsheets give a few examples of the types of research service offered

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